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Stage 1 cancers are usually treated by radical hysterectomy with or without preservation of the ovaries according to the patients age.

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However in women that have early stage cancer of the cervix, trachelectomy may be used as a fertility saving treatment. A radical trachelectomy is a surgical procedure; whereby the cervixthe upper part of the vagina, the parametrial tissue tissue around the lower end of the uterusand the pelvic lymph nodes are removed. The uterus the womb and the ovaries are not removed and so it is still possible to have children.

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This is done in early cervical cancer; the aim being to preserve fertility. This treatment has been developed in recent years by gynaecological oncologists in specialist centres around the world.

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It is done vaginally and through small incisions in the abdomen using a laparoscope, key hole surgery. The mi az invazív rák stage at time of diagnosis also affects the prognosis chances of survival for the patient.

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The outlook is very good for women with cancer diagnosed in its early stages Stage 0 or Stage 1 but is poor for women diagnosed with advanced cancer. There is some evidence that cervical cancers in younger women may be intraductalis papilloma ductogram aggressive that those that are diagnosed in women over the age of

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